the key to my life
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2001-08-26 19:13:09 (UTC)

August 26, 2001

I am doing very well with my diet and lost 4 lbs! I am now
5'6 and weight 149 pounds. My goal is 110-100. I am hoping
that I will be able to accomplish that by October, at least
the end of October. Anyways, I have found that one slight
roadblock is my husband because he doesnt think that I
should try to get that low. He wants me to stop at 115. I
keep telling him that I will see how I feel once I get
there, but I have been there before and didn't really like
it. I still felt all fat and stuff. Anyways, I will try to
make him happy and still make myself happy, if that is
I belong to 3 groups now because I found out that the paper
doll is back up and running at msn. I also found the new
perfect body page and signed up for that, I really missed
that place! My group is starting to take off, a few more
members have joined.
Anyways, I guess that is all for now! Keep up the good work
girls! (and boys if any!)