2001-08-26 18:34:20 (UTC)

My First Entry

Hey look, my first entry in my online
diary. I know that probably no one's interested in reading
the ramblings of a rather boring and possibly criminally
insane not-quite-fiftten year old? But in case you are,
this is the place to be, because I am that girl. In case
you got here from the link on my page, you can go back and
check out everything else there, but if you kind floated on
in from wherever you floated in from, you should check it
out, here.
Good stuff. Anyway, I'm just right now in the process of
dealing with all my little pseudo-tragedies, (my life is
the equivalent of an unrealistic due to too many events
soap opera). I'm very tired of all this nonsense, so I'm
just going to forget about my problems, and go listen to
some Dave...


Hey, bloody fruitcakes, took out all my html and links and colors...