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Demented Impulse of the Heart
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2001-08-26 18:20:52 (UTC)

Gotta appreciate this birthday stuff.

Oh thank God. I'm getting a new computer. ::Rejoices::
Sadly, this is the main event of my day.
Week...Month...Entire summer. And I heart Wilco. And Ryan
Adams. And..And AND...Well, a lot.

Steph called me today. Yeah. I heart her, too. Then my
parents decided to buy a computer from out of the blue, so
I put the phone down to talk to them, and apparently kept
her waiting too long, so she hung up on me. I deserved
it. I'm bad.

Aieegh!! And I'm getting a scanner! A shitty, cheap one,
but a scanner just the same. I'm so excited...There's so
many things I want to show so many people. And. Well. I
just can't help but squeal with delight.

AND a CD burner! ::Sigh:: I don't feel completely ghetto
anymore. That's a good thing, eh? *Hops around to "Caleb
Myer" by Gillian Welch::

Hm. Mark isn't talking to me. As a matter of fact, he
never does when I'm the one to IM him. I like Mark.. I
wish I got to talk to him more.

It seems the only way to get my hair straight is through
the use of scalp-damaging chemicals. And that still didn't
work. Lucky me. I haven't slept yet. I don't intend to
until atleast after everyone leaves tonight. Ugh. This is
going to suck so much.

I'm praying for Brian right now. Wow. Never done that
before. Somehow, I feel very comfortable talking to him,
lately. Maybe that's not so good. I don't know. It kind
of struck me weird when he asked why I "hid" so much on
AOL. He's no dummy. It's not that I'm avoiding him...I
just feel obligated to keep him on his feet whenever we
speak. I don't ever want there to be a dull moment between
us...When I sense such a thing, I get out, and quick. I
want him to like me, I suppose. (Well. Duh.) But
apparently he already does. Which is what's so strange in
the first place.. But why bother to explain why? He, of
course, has to live in Iowa. But no problem. No fucking