Jeff Roberts

The Understanding of Myself
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2002-12-06 02:47:52 (UTC)

good day takes turn for worst

Well the day was allllll good until i woke up after falling
asleep listening to nothing but silence. it was peaceful
and tranquill, i actully felt good about my day until i was
forcefully woken up by my dad. he's such a fuckin asshole
sometimes i wish he would just move away move away to
africa or antarctica. Anywhere but here. As i came down for
dinner unwillingly i might add, i got yeld at for these
I dont get enough sleep even though i get 7 hours
I'm lazy
i'm a crab/grouch/angry
i'm not doing anything with my life even though i have a
job and get decent grades
I dont get good enough grades
i dont help out around the house

It was just a really beat 45 minutes of dinner. i just
wanted to stand on my chair and scream at the top of my
lungs and maybe shatter my ear drum so i couldn't hear
anything else they were saying. it just pissed me off that
my parents can't get off my back for 2 seconds i always
have to be doing something preductive it just fucking
sucks.i've been in a bad mood ever since. i hope it snows
later tonight. i dont want to deal with school tomorrow. i
just want to lock myself in my room and watch the world
decay and crumble. my world and everything around it falls
endlessly into an ending pit of pain and agony whenever i
step out of my room. why expeirence the end of the world,
i'd rather watch it from my bedroom window. i need to stop
smoking pot. it's just gonna lead to other things. but from
the moment i'm high till i'm not feeling the high anymore
makes me forget anything that bothers me that's why i do it
i guess answering my question from yesterday.
Like Arnold Swarzenegger says "I'll Be Back"