All in the Night
2001-08-26 18:03:03 (UTC)


Wow, it's a sunday afternoon and i am sooo bored! there's
absolutely nothign to do! Well, i should be practicing my
horn b/c i have to have 2 more hours of practice time in
this week...oh well i'll do it later. OMG Cj came oever
last night and when it was time for Sarah to leaver her car
wouldn't start so they were banging on my window to let
them back in the house (it was about midnight) and so when
they came back in CJ must have been extremely horny b/c
i've never seen him hump anybody as much as he did her. I
mean dang. Lol, it was pretty fun. Sarah did my hair
earlier..the 80's crimp. I had a fro bigger than Christina
Aguilera. Sarah just fell straght again. Anyways, my
wrist is killing me so i think i'm gonna go. Oh yeah if
Sarah or CJ reads this...i found the white page!!!!!!!
i'm out