My Reality
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2002-12-06 01:39:11 (UTC)

What have i done wrong?

Im really starting to worry..i mean at first i was trying
to stay understnading and just wait for a really good
answer to why i havent heard from him...but now josh has me
seriously worried....nothing i have heard absolutly
nothing........i jsut dont know what to do...i mean i have
tried to be patient and i have tried to give him a chance
to get in touch with me...but good god it has been a month
since i have talked to him and i am just kind floundering
in the idea he is done with me...i mean i am sure there is
a good explanation why he isnt talking to me...i mean he
might have been busy with work he might have had a lot to
do trying to move back if he really is or he could have
been really busy fucking some girl that he has fallen madly
in love with there...i mean they are all options and i
would accept any of them..i just want to talk to him..if he
is done with me i want to know he is done. if he misses me
like crazy and cant wait to get his hands on me wisk me
away and make me all his then god damn it i want to know
that too..i jsut wany anything right now..i want to know he
is happy and i want to know he is ok and i want to know how
things are going wtih him going to school and what
would just be good to know that he is doing alright..i mean
hell yeah it would be good to know that he wants to fuck me
all day and night and thinks about me constantly and has
planned a very elaborate and romantic plan for asking me to
be his and his alone but ill take baby steps with this
one...i mean just a hey how are you would work right now just waiting it out...i mean it has been normal
for a month to go by without talking but for some reason i
worry now bc he coulda had sex with me...if josh gives up
sex there is something wrong....anywho, i am just giong to
wait it out...when it comes to several months of no talking
then i will so full of shit i want to
talk to him bc i am worrying myself to death but oh well
its who i am...i can just fantasize about straddling him
and grinding on him all night long until i know what the
deal i am off to go do that as we
speak....nothing like some wonderful sex dreams