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2002-12-06 01:17:38 (UTC)

My Poem...(Kate)

Heya...this was for a guy that I DID like and was trying to
prove to him how I felt. But then yesterday night I found
out that hes been lieing and he now has a gf..what a guy
hey And I was going to go see him on the weekend and push
things alittle further. Thankgod I didnt..anyways I outta

Wake Up

Life's too Short
Hold on to her while you can.
You have the heart of a sweet young girl-
You cares.
And desperately, she awaits her chance,
With you.
Listen to your Heart.
You're looking for something
That doesn't exist.
Why look when you have it all.
Think of how you really Feel.
She's doing anything and everything,
Just trying to make you fall.
See beyond the imperfections.
The next time you look at her,
See how nice she is,
And think she's a little Pretty,
Give her a Chance.
She might Surprise You.
Life's too Short.
She's trying to wake You up.
Make You Feel for her,
Show you what a Great thing you've got.
And Realize what you could Have.
She's trying to touch your heart...