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2002-12-06 01:04:18 (UTC)


to the loser who has nothing better to do then to read
my "diary" first of all u coming up to me would be better
then doing it over the internet,u think u know what mature
is? u coming to my "diary" and starting shit...... now
thats what i call mature, secound how did u get me diary
address anyway??? i only gave it to 3 ppl.

and 3rd what did i do to u???and final cant u think of
anything else to call me other then the same lame ass
comment "poser bitch"???

anyway my grandma is nt been all that mean thank god it
made me eggs this morninghehee except they werent done
all the way but she had the best intintions...i hope
yippy we have a field trip tomorrow ah me and my friend
chelsea were in winn dixi riding around in the wheel chair
thingys and this really hot guy who worked there(sounds
pathetic lol) -we found out his name its was called steve
so we went around the store yelling sexy steve....where r
u? steve the stud man -it was funny he kept laughing well
got nothing else to say- excepet there this guy

at the meat part wearing a net on his head he
kept watching me so i looked over made myself hunch over
started scratching my ass and burped i was like "what r u
looking at?" lol well later c ya-*

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