i suck
2002-12-06 00:57:39 (UTC)


dear jared,
it is 4:44 am and i didnt want to call you and wake you i figured a letter would be quieter. anyway the
reason why im writing (typing) you a letter instead of
doing something else is because your the reason i overcame
my fear of the united states postal services. and i wanted
thank you for that.
i love you alot...dude its so cold i hope it snows
today...sorry im a dork and stuff im sure it bothers you .
but like everyones a dork sometimes right? even
christians. haha. its okay if you dont like me anymore
after you read this.
so yeah your usually the person who talks and stuff. i was
reading this thing by janis joplin and dude...shes crazy. i
feel really weird cause wut she wrote made sense to me and
stuff. maybe shes just ugly i dunno. why was i reading
something about janis joplin?
it really pisses me off when people say theres no such
thing as stupid questions just stupid people. i dont know
why but it drives me crazy.

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