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2002-12-06 00:38:26 (UTC)


Today is a good day, for it is Thursday, and I only have
one class on Thursdays. I had my good cry last night, after
the guys left from playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica X.
I was really glad to have people up last night. I love Code
Veronica, and it kept my mind off Michelle's absense for a
while. After a while though, I got very quiet and felt
Michelle's missing presense. I couldn't keep it locked in
forever, as much as I wanted to but Heather was there for

I slept until noon and still felt drained, but went to
Anthropology. We talked about culture changes, population
control, and worst of all: George Bush. I hate that mother
fucker. ERGHHHH. The only reason he's president is because
of his daddy The only thing the last election proved is
that the government really IS corrupt, your vote really
doesn't count, and that even a MORON can be elected to
president I hate this stupid war agenda Homeland
Protection BULLSHIT Cuts funding from the UN for issues
that cannot be proven, then diverts those funds to a war NO

After class, I went to Sheetz and picked up some pepsi, and
on the way back ran into Kat. We talked for a good hour and
a half, about how I felt and George Bush. It's good to
bitch sometimes.

Four finals left: British Lit tomorrow, Tech and Sci
Tuesday, Anthropology Wednesday, and Public Speaking on
Thursday. I've got to present a speech on why I'll be the
best writer EVER for extra credit. Heh, yea right...

Sarah has joined us to give Matt and Jess some private time
together, and we're watching Shrek The boys are coming up
as well, and I'm going to let them in Update later byebye