Visions Of Life
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2002-12-06 00:28:47 (UTC)

Lost within your lies Loathing..

Lost within your lies
Loathing every memory of us
Innocence tainted
Cutting through the fog
Daggers in my eyes
Falling through the madness
Pain unimaginable
Hate and love entwined
Falling from your petastool
Love entwined with pain
Lost within your lies

I wont cut myself because i cant

I have sleeping pills and whiskey and vodka. Only like 3 shots total.
I think im going to bed. The only thing is i want pizza and i want to
watch my shows. Its madness. I cant do this later cuz i must be up in
12 hours. Maybe Ill wrap presents, take only a few pills and take a
nap. I do not want to be here or awake or anything. I hate myself and
everyone hates me. I guess i come across asa selfish princess. So I
should live up to my "title" and hurt myself. Thats pretty damn
selfish. Fuck any promises I made. I wont cut tho.I cant. I hada good
day too. And im working tomorrow so im happy. If only i could have
stayed away from home. God, I need friends. Or friends with their
own place anyway... Or friends withtheir own place that do not want
to molest me. Therer we go. Yee Haw. Off to hang lights, wrap
presents, then sleep