Life In Munchkin Land
2002-12-05 23:59:39 (UTC)

Snow day

Well Today it snowed A LOT Sound exciting..HAHA NOT I
HATE SNOW...In the words of my bud JJ "It makes you happy
when your little then BAM, It gets you a day off school and
3 hrs with a shovle..Anyway..Im really happy with my life
today..Im not sure why...HE STILL DIDNT CALL DAMN HIM
But what can ya do he's a guy And most of them are pretty
damn stupid if u ask me So that poem I wrote won me money
Holy man Danis movin up in the world The following things
In here are from my bud JJ he's the funniest person ALIVE
He should so be on SNL Anyway here it is:

ForensicsFailure: well like a parapelgic base runner i am out
ForensicsFailure: your sayin your off like clothes on prom night
ForensicsFailure: i am out like disco
ForensicsFailure (11:12:17 PM): well like a bohner in
sweatpants i am out

HAHA He's the best...

I can't wait till mom has finals at school so I can go hang
in shik again with my newly found hott ass buddy Alex...
He's a hottie but he's TAKEN Yea that about sucks but its
all good I got who I want and Im happy with him...NOTHING
and I mean NOTHING will come between us...(u know who u r--I

~*~So Umm today I shovled snow..It was so freakin cold..OK
yea i just totally sounded like Julie there..sorry ppl...

^--^It's almost christmas..VACATION^--^ That's all Im
looking forward to so i can spend time with my boy Ah I
love him soooooooooooooooooooooo much

~I got a new ICP Cd Today which was all cool...My concussion
is all better too...

That is all Bye now

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