Electric monkey
2001-08-26 16:10:58 (UTC)

8-26-01 [title or topic]

Grüß dich,
well, its sunday morning. oh man..
saturday was fun. although my ears are still all weird from
the very loud cardboard gig at bens house. big sound in a
small-ish area, heh.. but it was nice to hear cardboard
again. yay.
wow, im kinda really tired, but i had to get up this
morning because my mom cooked breakfast.... barg. such a
pitty to wake up early on a weekend, when you wake up at
6am on the week days. yuk.
well ive been sitting here for a really long time now, with
out writing anything... guess ill go now, and play super
mario kart, which is what my life consists of at the
moment.. i can kick so much ass too, its great... wait..
no, its not great, that means i play it way too much.. oh
well. bye!

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