Confessions from a Sexy Princess
2001-08-26 15:49:08 (UTC)

He sent me Roses.....He doesnt know I am pregnant

I arrived at work the other day and when I looked up there
were one dozen long stemmed roses waiting for me. The card
said ISLYANY...Greg code for "I still Love you and Need
Obviously I havnt told him about the baby of his I am
carrying. I kind of alluded to it and he said there is no
way he ever wants to be a father .He said
he doesnt want to be responsible for some one else.
Needless to say, I didnt mention my pregnancy. I want to
tell him , but in a way I kind of scared. A lot on my mind.
I did go to the doctor and everything is alright thus far.
I go back in two weeks for another ultrasound. My due date
is April 19th. I am nervous....I am going to be someones
mother......its weird

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