MY life
2002-12-05 23:15:38 (UTC)

today 05/12/02

had a good day a college. got put in a group for a group
activity and the girls i'm with are really nice.

apart from still waiting to hear from the job agency, asda
and index to give me some kinda response to the
applications i've placed in, i've been ripped off by a
friend who i let stay at mine named andy. all i did was
show a little kindness spent money on the pain andy, lent
him me clothes and he fucks off and doesn't bother gettin
in contact with me. then on the other hand i still figuring
out myself, with each morning still not knowing who i am,
or what i am.

though through continuous studying of myself i do think i
am straight as they come but i still think there is a gay
urge somewhere in me just don't know why it's there. well
with a little help from a few friends i am going to ask a
girl i really really like and the only one i do really like
out hopefully that will settle any emotional battle. but if
i do think there is something there i might pursue what my
emotions want me to but not going to risk a relationship
with this girl who i may as well say her name "laura cox"
i've know her for 2 years been in love with her since i met
her not actually said anything to her bout how i feel, cos
last time i did that to a girl i liked she laughed in my
face and said no so just a fear of rejection. i hope with
help i will get laura to say yes if i ever find the courage
to ask her.

well since this is my first entry i thought i would enclude
all that little bit bout me but well i think my life is on
the up i feel more confident, new friends asking me to go
clubbing with them yay. and in a few months i have surgery
to fix my cleft palate and hopefully is successful 100% cos
then i won't have any speech problem again. now all i got
to do then is have sex finally and get rid of my virginity
woooow oh well thats bout it for today time to enjoy music.

nitey nite jibba