Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-12-05 21:29:11 (UTC)

San Pedro was fun

well yesterday morning i went to school. big woo-hoo. yeah
i know. but i left my second class early to wait for tommy
in the parking lot. while i was waiting i saw sean. that
cute guy i've been talking to. anywho....we chatted for a
while and when tommy showed up, sean gave me a hug. woo-hoo.

so then i'm riding in tommys car.....on our way to LA and
yeah. it was fun. he drives like a maniac though. worst
then my mom, but not quite as bad as my dad. so yeah.

we make it to san pedro in one piece. thank bob. we grab
something to eat and go visit his mom at work. she works at
the hospital so we had to track her down first. she's super
cool. i love his mom. anywho, we all go out to a patio and
eat then we cruise oer to his friends house.

they were all cool. then we go to his old beauty college
and try to go see some other people. then we head to his
house and his brother and his brother's friend were home. i
like his brother. he's a lil cutie. they were practicing
cuz ceasar is gonna be filling in for his friends band for
a while and they were practicing to his friends bands cd.
it was good. i liked it much.

and yeah. Danni came over and i got to meet tommys sister.
shes very pretty. and her kids. i think the girls name was
alisha. she's cool. if i had a niece i would want her to be
just like alisha. anyways....im just rambling.....

oh yeah. so we eat dinner which was very very good. tommys
mom can cook and danni made a bomb ass cake.

and hmmm...oh yeah so we go get tommy a new tattoo. he got
a cool gargoyle looking thing on his arm. and....then we go
back to his moms house and pick up josh and drop off danni.
we take josh home and then head home ourselves.

we talked all the way back. made the time fly by quick. i
love tommy to death he's super cool. i wish he were my
brother. we have a lot in common. and were just so cool
with eachother.

anyways....on the way back there was patched of thick ass
fog and it was scarry and cool and hmmm...got home in one
piece and went to sleep.

the end.

ps. i love mark

pps. i love john

ppps. i love tommy