lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-12-05 20:47:18 (UTC)

genes and gettysburg

are interesting, but frankly this day of school is a waste.
d days are crap...blocks of history and bio. i'm really
really tired today & i woke up with a back that would break
a sailor. so i'm spending my lunch studying for my bio
test and eating m&ms...tasty tasty.

but things are for realsies awesome right now...contrary to
all reason, i've suddenly been spending a lot more time
with God, i didn't have to kick steven rowe off the mexico
team (phew), and mal got her license so the world of
driving friends is pretty much complete...and this weekend
will be beautiful cuz i can finally sleep i'm
babysitting friday night, so i can get some much-needed
cash. PLUS i saw the boxes of christmas presents and i'm
pretty darn sure they contain all the stuff i wanted at
abercrombie...OOOOH YAY i'm excited for christmas. finals
right before it kinda cramp my style, but's a
really awesome season and i've been pumping the 'n
sync...wah ah ah you know you want it, boy...oh yeah AND
i got the hugest cool comment on my zirretta paper made me smile and crap my pants at the same
time...he wrote: "you may have the best writing style of
all my students- including AP" and he gave me a 96, even
though i left off the works cited page, which was worth
10%. ahh i love it.