Tricey iz me!~!~!~~~
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2001-08-26 14:04:30 (UTC)


Today i just found out that aaliyah had died..i swear its
crazy the way life works.When you find out someone you know
dies its like you think more about life.You really dont
know to live life to the fullest and do what you think is
fun or be good and keep your head on straight be-4 you die
cause you never know where you go.To hell or heaven??I keep
asking myself that question like a million times.Sometimes
i think about just killing myself like thats the only way i
can really be happy.Shit i dont know what to do anymore
now,I think all i can do now is just laugh at life!~!~!
Thats the only thing i can do now.....Im tired of holding
my head uo like everything is ok when its not.Everyone
tells me "keysha hold your head up" they just dont
understand my pain or what i go through.But if they really
knew they would know that its not fuckin easy at all.Shit!~!
~!should i end my life...dont really know.But what i do
know is that i think if i did end my life it wouldnt be
such a bad thing like everyone makes it out to be.

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