Jeff Roberts

The Understanding of Myself
2002-12-05 20:26:45 (UTC)

wow it snowed and a song

well today was actully good. woke up and found out we had
an early dismissel at school. too bad iraq didnt bomb the
school but i'll take the snow day just as well. i made
lauren laugh again today. our teacher is bald in u.s
history and i said to her "jeez hasn't he ever thought
about getting a hair piece or what" i guess it was funny,
she laughed. After school me and Pete and the other jeff
(we'll call him Huxsaw) Huxsaw drives, he's a chill kid
most of the time. other times he's a whinny little bitch
but he's chill. then these fuckin freshman started bugging
us cause they thought we were young from far away but then
we gave them an ice ball and they shut up. sledding was
fun...i enjoyed myself throughly.
here's another song i wrote...again i can't write. feel
free to write feedback if your curious what they mean or
the story behind it or whatever...i'd enjoy it graciously.

Never Gonna Shave

is everybody
is everybody
clean shaved in heaven
will there ever be
will there ever be
will there ever be a try with me

never gonna shave
never gonna shave
never gonna shave again (x2)

go ahead and tell me
go ahead and tell me
go ahead and tell me more
i think i've heard this
i think i've heard this
i've heard this 5 times before

never gonna shave(x5)
never gonna shave again

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