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2002-12-05 20:18:51 (UTC)

gf and pb

Well im dead in the water with two subjects... aly and
paintball. things arne't really happenin with aly and me. i
mean i find it hard to talk to her. i mean i want to
be "with" someone whom i can talk to. i mean there's like
no communication between us. i learned a lot of stuff about
her through her friends and not from her.
I love paintball. i'de take it over anything else.but i
think i have to stop playin. why??? cuz i cant aford it..
yeah i do got a job but i cant touch that money. it goes
into my savings acourdin to my parents. i need a new gun to
and its like 600 bucks. an impulse. i need and want a new
gun. so what am i to do?

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