2001-08-26 13:30:59 (UTC)

erase my ass!!

i was just fooling around, and suddenly i deleted my whole
diary, had only written 3 times..but i was mad...fuck...

so here i go again...this time in english..

a little bit of me..i live in norway, in a small city, and
i hate it..i hate me, and i have nothing to live for..i
feel so alone, bit know i have a lot of friends...but they
can`t stick around 24 four 7, so then...

there i am..all alone, writing in my jounal, and planning
suicide...over and over again..but i just can`t, i don`t
want people grieving over i just stick arod a bit

i know i am crazy, a lot of people sayz so, but i don`t
care..things i like doing is drinking and partying...and
being with friends...

ring ring...back to work...hate it!!