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2001-08-26 12:59:38 (UTC)

A nice walk in the park

I went for a walk in the park to get rid of my hangover
it didn't work so I am going to have a shower in a bit.
I met my Girlfriend Mel there she was a bit pissed off
since her Dad found out she went to that party last night
when he told her not to, so she is being made to clean the
garage(its full of junk) I said I would help but she said
not to bother since she wasn't going to do it herself!
We then spoke about Taylor Mel thinks something fishy is
going on she has know him for 5 years and he hasn't ever
acted like it. Mel went saying she would see what is wrong.
She gave me a call a hour later and Taylor denied anything
was wrong we are going to his house tomoorow to see what is
I at my mums at the moment its wierd we are getting on
a bit more laughing at the same things and tlking about the
same things I think she become her realself now she doesn't
have to lie to me.
well I am going to have a shower now ,then call
Will for a chat about Taylor.