Lements of Madness and Depression
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2001-08-26 11:05:16 (UTC)

confused teenager a sad but true stereotype

well i dont know what to do anymore...
the person of my obsessions is really liking her
exboyfriend again.and i seriously doubt she would even
bother doing anything with me if their was even a chance
before..and i just told the other person that i really like
that i still like her. and i asked her if she still liked
me and she said yes. which completely blew my mind cause i
thought she hated me. so im kinda in shock i guess.i have
seriously fell for phioli but i have always had strong
feelings for kelsey...and i dont know what the fuck to do
i also like a girl named jenifer but i dont think she likes
me "like that" but whatever i give up.
i dont know what to do with my stupid ass. so im just gonna
go cry or something im literaly shaking and it makes it
hard to type i hope that this makes sence...

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