Life of Joolz
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2001-08-26 10:26:22 (UTC)

Sunday 26th August 2001

11.15am on a hot hot day!!
Haven't wrote for ages coz I have been far too busy-work
was manic with the lead up to bank hol, plus been
decorating here and there coz it still aint even finished
at this late stage of the summmer!
Is absolutely boiling here and am sat outside in total
peace for once-just Ron and I. Sun's out and we set off on
the Queen this afternoon-Amsterdam is going to be a hot one
tomorrow when we get there. Can't wait. Ron and I have
agreed to buy a spliff for the journey home -ha ha will be
fun, just hope I laugh and not vomit.
Vanessa and Andrew came to see us yesterday-she's borrowed
some holiday gear as they're off to Corfu a week on Friday.
She is dead excited as it's her first trip abroad with
Andrew. She's off to St. Georges with another couple,
flying from Heathrow.
Adam has passed 9 GCSE's so he's done well-am really
pleased. He's going to study Travel and Tourism at college.
Sharon and Alan's house is still going ahead, and they went
to a posh wedding at Craiglands yesterday and stayed
overnight too. Nice! Mum and Derek went to a wedding at
Wibsey, not quite the same is it somehow, and Mike is 21
tomorrow and spending it in Newcastle coz he's got exams to
sit this week. I think he's gonna go to Amsterdam for a
birthday treat.
Anyway it's far too nice to be sat on a comp-am off back
outside to sunbathe for a bit then get my gear packed as
the taxi's coming at 3-toodlepip diary!!!!!!!!!!!!