Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
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2001-08-26 09:58:31 (UTC)

beer party!

Erlack I have got a terrible headache Last night I went
to a party where i had a lot of Alcohol and now I am
seriously regreting it. The worst part was trying to
convince Dad that I wasn't drunk luckily he was alsleep so
now I am pretending to be fresh as a daisy when I feel like
a garden weed!
The party was great all my friends were there and the
music wasn't bad and I got chatted up a lot!;) My other
friend Taylor was acting really strange he kept trying to
say something to me and when ever I asked him what he was
going to say he would say nothing. I hope he is alright.
I think I am going for a walk I feel a bit sick:(
Anybody got any hangover cures?

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