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2001-08-26 09:05:11 (UTC)

What a long day pt2

Had to work 1:30pm to 2:30am. it was okay til the last hour
and now I have an awesome headache(can a headache be
awesome)? I'm trying to keep up on this diary as much as
possible. I dont know how it is going to go. by the time i
get on the computer im always so dead those of
you who read this..bare with me. Had a guy try to steal
tonite..what a dumbass. I took the shit outta his hand and
put it back on the shelf. It was funny. Course to fully
understand the situation you would have to know where i
work..but i dont feel comfortable with that now. I miss my
old supervisor. Wah..what a baby i am. My cat is meowing
her head off at some moth in here. shhh..kitty!:) Hubby is
already in bed. He has to leave out tomorrow. P and A
stopped by tonite while i was at work (conveniently) I dont
completely trust them. I'd just as soon they not come over.
I realize they are his friends but they annoy me...:( in
more than one way. Well if any one reads this that is a
bisexual female and would like to email me please do so.:)
til next time....b