Kittys thoughts
2001-08-26 08:08:36 (UTC)

How fast things change

Things have been changing for me...vary fast.I have no
thoughts about Ty or any of my past.I'm just looking to the
future.Here are somethings that I am talking about:me and
gabe got into a pretty big fight,I thought that he was
going to leave me,so that made me think about all the
things that I really want,like staying with Gabe
forever,never talking to Ty,getting rid of all my
witchcraft books,maybe getting rid of all my Manson CDs.I
held my hand up in church,when the pastor asked if anyone
wasnt saved to raise there hand and that he would pray for
me.I dont know what I was thinking when I did it ,it just
happened.I'm trying to tie up the ends of everything in my
life so that it will go in the direction that I want it to
go in.I'm going to do some work at a new Zoo,maybe getting
a job,and possibly becoming christian.I'm a little scared
to do it but we'll see what happens.I love Gabe so much,I
want to do the right things so that we will have a good
relationship.I hate it when he gets mad at me cuz he thinks
that I'm mad at him,when I'm not.And he needs to understand
that when I am on my period that I'm a little on edge,and
that its nothing personal.I love him and want to marry
him,I cant even go a day without him,I need him in my
life .And Gabe if you read this I LOVE YOU SOOOOO
MUCH....and please dont forget that,ever.