In the Life of ...
2002-12-05 10:17:14 (UTC)

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I've been looking at my life a bit, using hien sight of
course, and I've realised that the past six months have
been the first time in twenty two years that I finally can
chose how I want to do things. Before this, every thing
that I did had to be done, I didn't have a choice in the
matter. It was basicly Do It or Else... The unfortunate
thing is that I find my self not doing anything at all, my
life is not realy taking a step forward in any noticable
direction. I realy don't like that... Before my
responsibilities where given to me, I didn't chose them,
so now that I have some, of my own choice, I have trouble
completing them. I very rarely feel like going to work or
doing even the basic things. I know that I have to go to
work so that I can pay for the things that I need but...

I sit there sometimes wondering "Why do we do the things
that we do" Has the norm come to such point where poeple
no longer question, indepth that is, why is it that we do
the things that we do. Do we do things because society
expects us to or are we doing it for our selves, and in
turn to be accepted as part of the "norm"? Look at the
things that I, or we do. If the world wasn't out for
personal gain, then life would be so much simpler, would
it not? Is it just because I'm stuck in a rut that life
and society has dug for me that I am in such a mental
state, or is this just hopeful/thoughtful ignorance? And
is life as complicated and rough as it seems or is it that
some poeple are blind to the harm that they cause and the
consequences of their actions?


Carpe Diem