once again
2001-08-26 06:20:41 (UTC)

winning isn't everything, is it?

I knew that since I wasn't home by 'tony's curfew' last
night he would spaz. Well, he called me at work and he was
pissed I wasn't home at 12:30 last night but he said "I
can't believe you don't care what bothers me. You don't
care about what I ask of you." My sister said there's no
reason why I should do things like that. Then he wigged
because I asked when I would talk to him again and he
yelled and said he didn't know. So I had to calmly explain
I just wanted to know if it would be today or tomorrw. I'm
lost with him and Amicas right, this is too much stress. I
don't neeed it. One last chance is all I'm giving. Next
fight i will not go over and I will not give in. i made
myself sick over this crap, and I don't need it.