It's Hot in Here...
2001-08-26 06:04:28 (UTC)

People in AZ do not know how to drive...

I don't know why I made that the title of my journal entry,
but I think it's really funny because it's so true...
Okay, I don't want to elaborate on that any further, and I
really need to make this short...It's Jo-jo's birthday
tomorrow and I can't believe I almost forgot...I don't know
what I would have done, it's a good thing I have a mom who
is so cool and who knows what's going on...
Anyways, today was so much fun...I really missed S and P
this summer and spending the last two days with them has
just been so much fun...We went to the Starbucks at the
Biltmore (of course) and studied for a few hours...Then we
went to AZ Mills and did some crazy shopping...Which was
awesome, because I had withdrawls over the summer, not
being able to buy anything...And now I have another couple
hours of homework to do, which sucks because it's Saturday
and I kind of want to go out...Except for that's not really
true...I always say I want to go out, but I never really
do...I get sick of clubs...Ok, that was a bit of a
tangent...So yeah...I'm getting tired too, which is no good
since I need to get this done before tomorrow...
Besides that, M comes home on Tuesday so I'm really happy
about that...I missed him a lot...You know I really use
ephemiris's way to much... :)