I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-12-05 05:46:11 (UTC)

A to Z Survey

A - Tired. Worried. Annoyed.

B - Best Quality: Considerate

C - Choice Of Meat: All of those available at my local
grocery store excluding veal. And some not available there.

D - Dream Date: I would have to actually go on a normal
date once. Never been on one.

E - Exciting Adventure: Driving to Dallas because I had no
plans for the weekend.

F - Favorite Foods: stuff you can't get at a health food

G - Greatest Accomplishment: Making it this far.

H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Those when I'm with
friends. Nothing in particular stands out.

I - Interests: Books, rowing, movies, laughing.

J - Jokes: A ham sandwich walks into a bar and asks for a
menu. The bartender says "I'm sorry, we don't serve food
here." *hysterical laughter* This joke works for me every

K - Kool-Aid: Never had Kool-Aid. My mom never let me when
I was little, so I never got into it.

L - Love: You can never have too much.

M - Most Valued Thing I Own: The friendships that I have.

N - Name: ~L

O - Outfit You Love: Black pants, purple sweater, black

P - Pizza Toppings: Sausage and mushrooms

Q - Question Asked To You The Most: Do you have
Colonclenz? (Yes, I really get asked this all the damn
time. And yes, I sell it. No, I don't own it or use it and
I never will)

R - Rice: is nice.

S - Sport To Watch: College football. GO 'NOLES

T - Television Show: ER and Gilmore Girls. Tied for

U - Your Favorite Song: At the moment, it's Comfortable by
John Mayer

W - Winter: The best of all possible seasons.

X - Xylophone: That's pretty lame. I guess they couldn't
come up with anything better for the letter X?

Y - Year you love: 1987. Hands down. 7 years old, second
grade. Best year of my life.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Capricorn/Aquarius cusp