Life is HELL why not end it
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2002-12-05 05:33:48 (UTC)

not soo nice

ok this is my first entry soo i better tell you about my
self im 13 and my life is hell..i hate it wanna die...and
if i deside to kill myself no one is going to stop me...x
[..soo now that we have that clear...if you dont like what
i write dont read it fair enough..Im a little pissed right
now becuz my mom is a bitch..X/..shes pmsin all the
fucking time and i hate it...well anyways im kinda "goth"
in a way i dress in all black and that shit..i cut
myself..but i dont worship the devil..X[..if you ask me i
think the devil is stupid..ugh he thinks he all evil and
shit but hes really not...it might kinda sound stupid to
you but no..its really not to me well i better go i have to
go to hell tommarow aka skool...bye..XD