Thoughts of a Hidden Heart
2001-08-26 05:54:18 (UTC)

Heart is just a heart

3rd Entry.. well it's obvious now that this Diary is good
for me.. I even found out that people read this.. Very
weird because I don't really talk about my inner feelings
to anyone except to a few who only see certain parts of me..

I guess another piece of my person will show tonight.. I
just got done watching the Wedding Planner.. I hate those
types of movies.. No.. Actually I love those types of
Movies.. Well what I mean is I'm a Closet Chick Flick
Watcher.. hahahaha.. I'm out now I guess..

When I go to movies with friends I will never want to go
see a chick flick but when I'm home alone late at night..
sure enough that's what I watch.. And everytime I always
imagine if I only had someone to watch it with so I can
still continue to pretend that I never really wanted to
watch.. Silly but fun..

I decided something today.. I'm trying to think how to
phrase this.. well I think I'm gonna take more risks with
women.. I always have women flirt with me and I flirt back
but I never really make a move.. I guess it's the reason
because I will look like a fool if she says NO.. and in
truth more will say NO then yes.. for whatevr reasons..
Well the confident man is never the fool.. I'm gonna go
for it.. next time I ask and expect the No.. who knows I
might just meet a Yes..

It's so hard to meet women in my work.. I'm no longer in
school and most of my friends are couples now.. Becky is
just not right for me.. I know this even though I try to
fool myself..

It's funny how the thoughts just plummit onto this electric
canvas with no specific order or reason.. much how our
brain thinks I suppose.. but what is weird is that it kind
of orders my thoughts on the inside..

hmmm.. an interesting episode