I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-12-05 04:50:30 (UTC)

I Am...

I used to cut up broccoli and eat the bottoms and my
friend Brett would eat the tops. It was so we could be
in the Clean Plate Club. I have a skirt that I am vowing
here and now to fit into, it'll just take time to get
there. Sometimes I don't like who I am. I cry at
commercials occasionally. I feel better after I cry. I'm
scared that I don't have my depression under control
anymore. I have a laugh like a horse. I have a gap between
my front teeth that I hate. When I was little I used to
bite off a piece of butter from the stick in the
refrigerator and was amazed that my parents knew it was
me. Amazing what a gap-toothed bite mark will tell you. I
just bought a personally signed autographed picture of Wil
Wheaton. I am too generous. I wish I had fiery red hair. I
love listening to John Mayer. I envy my sister though I
don't understand her. I am a hopeless romantic who wants
to be wooed but won't let anyone know that. Why won't I
let anyone know that? I want to travel the world. Meet new
people, experience new things. I don't like olives. I
dream of my nonexistant children. I am scared of getting
old. I don't want my parents to die. What if I don't ever
get married? I love the color of my skin. I am very glad
that I actually took a typing class in high school. I am
very easily intimidated by people. I'll let them walk all
over me. But I'll stand up for others fearlessly. I have a
very hard time walking through the bath and body section
of stores without buying something. I am the least anal
person that I've ever met. I don't really care how things
are. Whatever is, is. Neat, messy; old, new; whatever it
may be, it doesn't matter to me. I like that. I am not a
conspiracy theorist. After the first plane hit the World
Trade Center, I thought it was a terrible accident. I
didn't believe that it could be an act of terrorism until
second plane. I remember my father waking me up when I was
9. He picked me up and carried me from my warm bed into
the cold night air and to the television. He cradled me
against his huge chest and wrapped his arms around
me. "Watch this" he said. The TV was showing the falling
of the Berlin Wall. "This is history happening and you're
privledged enough to see it. Remember this moment." And I
do. I like my eggs fried and my showers hot. I love the
cold weather. I miss the snow. My brother is one of my
best friends. I do not wear open toed shoes. I had the toe
nails on both big toes removed but the doctor did a
terrible job and they look terrible and I'm embarassed
about them. I am goony, and I love it. My right breast is
bigger than my left one. My ears are very sensitive. My
birthday is in January. I like having a January birthday.
It's a good way to start off a year. I want to get married
in the winter time. I'm secretly scared of horses. I'm
openly terrified of guns, yet I want to learn how to shoot
one. Go figure.