orignal beat
2001-08-26 05:00:55 (UTC)


i don't know what to do anymore. sometimes i love him,
sometimes i think of him as just a friend. i know he
really loves me, more than anyone else has, but sometimes
i don't want to talk to him. so when he calls i'm the
quite one. i'm so confused. if he's not with me than i
don't want anything to do with him. and then there's
matt. he likes me too. and i know i shouldn't like him
but it's just so hard not to. i'm not going behind isaac's
back with matt. but i feel so guilty. i realy need some
answers. am i falling out of love with isaac and falling
in love with matt? should i tell isaac i just wanna be
freinds? is it just a phase i'm going through? i'm so

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