My So-called Life
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2002-12-05 03:47:40 (UTC)

guy problems

God, this morning i got up at like 4:30. i went to my comp
and it said we still had school. then my bro came in and
said we didn't. i slept till like 10:35. i was so happy.
then tonight i was talking to my friend online. i have gone
out with her cousin gary twice b4. both times something
happened and we broke up. then we were mad at each other,
and then we got over it and were ok. then he starts tellin
his friends this crap that i kissed him and all this stuff,
when really nothing happened. it bugs me to death but then
he gts all sweet and starts to make me like him again, but
i know the same things are just going to happen again. so
my friends tells me he likes me again and has changed a
lot. and he likes me more than he has b4. and all this
stuff like she doesn't want to see him get hurt. i have no
idea what to do. i really don't think he has grown up any,
and i don't think anything has changed since the last 2
times. i'm so lost.