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2001-08-26 04:57:57 (UTC)

My Life

well this weekend has been my wrost since a long time i
dunno what to do i have alot of problems with my life and
now that my best friend is haveing some of the same
problems i dont feel left out but tonight i was thinking
whats the point in liveing since theres barely any good
times and i dunno how my mom would react to me not being
here and i think about the good times and its like i cant
kill myself i have to much going for me but i have alot of
problems i just dont know how to deal with its just like
when i think i solved my problem but i didnt cuz it just
comes back and when it does it just comes back harder then
it did the first time i have alot of family problems and
then i have my personal problems and then i have my friends
problems i have to deal with and its to much for me at my
age i am only 14 and its like god y r u giveing me all of
this stress and problems and i pray so much and its like
gods not even paying attention to me its like when i pray
of something good he always responds and when i pray about
something bad he dont respond .... i went to chruch wensday
night and i went down to the alter and prayed alot and gods
not even responding back to me and i got up from the alter
and i was crying and its like god what did i do to make u
soo mad its like do u still love me god am i still one of
ur childeren and he doesnt answer me and its like i might
as well die now since i have all these problems and noone
can help me and i cant even help my self now i dont know
what do to i have no opions left! what should i do???please help me??


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