A girls life!
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2001-08-26 04:54:27 (UTC)

Boys Boys Boys

Ok What is the deal with guys and their so called
"feelings" You have such a close night or time with someone
and then they need time to think! Duh guys, you are send us
mixed messages! You have this amazing time with us and tell
us sweet nothing and then say....well now I need time to
think! Hello us girls are going crazy! We have now just in
the last hour of you telling us that relived the whole night
over in are head's! Then we you have a time ,date what-ever
you want to call it set aside for us to talk you say
what...."I need some more time to think"! Why not just say
I'm stringing you along some more so sit back and enjoy the
roller coster! Yeah thats how it has been for me and let me
tell you, you don't want to hear what ne one has to say b/c
that night was so great and you are still on cloud 9! Then
later on your like Damn why didn't I listen! Then when it
happens again(when another jack ass comes a long) you say
ok....I'm going to listen to what people have to say about
this and not keep my head up my ass! Wrong you do the same
shit again! Why can't guys just think like girls do! It
would be so nice and then you guys would have it so much
more easier! Well it is bed time for me! So I will write
again later! ~Curly~Q~

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