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2002-12-05 03:00:25 (UTC)


It is such a bummer that we don't have school tommorow I so
miss my friends. But at least we will get to go to school
friday. Friday I have a field trip which will be really
slammin. In ms. Grundy"s ( reading class) We are reading
the play a christmas carol and i am ms. chrachet and my
husband ( mr.chrachet) is drew Andrea my friend kept
making me laugh. That's why i can't wait it'll friday cause
we are going to the theater to see the play which will be
really fun. Well gotta go. I can't wait till tommorow my
friend marissa is coming down and we are going to play in
the snow lol any ways i get on laterz.
Getto Hick (nickname from zack)