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My Saga
2001-08-26 04:21:47 (UTC)


Maybe I should have included this with the last entry, but
I didn't think of writing about it until after I was done,
and it really does deserve an entry of its own (at least).
Let me start by saying I am bisexual. Yeah, it's kind of
weird for me too; it's something that Im just coming to
terms with myself. None of my friends really know yet.
The only person I've really talked about it with, it came
up naturally; (conversation; "Looks like she was flirting
with me" "Well, how do you know she wasn't flirting with
me?" "Why? Would you like that?" "Yeah, maybe I would")
But really, how are you supposed to tell someone that? I
don't know, and I guess it almost feels easier just not to,
but at the same time, I feel like I'm being dishonest with
them. It's not like they've ever asked me, and I lied to
them, but I am holding back an important part of myself. I
guess what makes it harder is that this is something that
I've just recently realized, and I met them all before I
knew this, and I guess I am afraid that it would change the
way they saw me, and the way we interact, especially my
female friends. I really don't know.

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