My problems.
2002-12-05 02:04:18 (UTC)

Palms Are Sweaty

No matter what I do my palms are always sweaty, even
in the winter when it's freaking a million degrees below
0 they are still sweaty. Do you have any idea how
annoying that is? Do you have any idea how people
say it's gross and disgusting? My hands get all sweaty
and then all sticky and it pisses me off.

Yesterday I was in my psychology class and my
professor started talking about anxiety. He went on to
an example of him shaking someone with sweaty
palms and went on to explain how if someone has
sweaty palms all do it's usually do to "Chronic Anxiety"
Which I probbly have.

I'm shaking here writing this. I'm getting a doctors
appointment soon to acctually see what is wrong with
me. It could be the depression but if you read the poem
a few entries ago, you'd know what I go through. That's
why I can't get a girlfriend, that's why I can't get my
licenese. I'm afraid of the rejection or laughter it will
cause if I fail.... I need therapy.... Seriously.