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2002-12-05 01:46:15 (UTC)


This day was going great until I went to my fourth period B-
day class. On A-day's, I have Band, but today was a B-day.
I've known Sean since I moved to Florida in fifth grade
which was about three years ago since I'm in eigth grade
this year. Class was almost over and I was talking with Mrs.
Monyhan, my 2D Art teacher, about a project her Art Club is
going to be doing for the animal shelter I volunteer at. So
then I helped my table clen up since we would be going in
about ten minutes. As the class is waiting for the bell to
ring, Sean suddenly asks who I like, and I told him that
person was next door right now in the 3D art class. So
Kevin, a big pain in the butt and a friend of Sean's, looks
through the door into the next class and starts calling off
the names of boys in the class. Somehow they guessed and I
had just about everybody around me starting to tease me,
especially Sean. I put my hands over my ears as Michael, my
best friend, tried to calm me down. Sean really hurt my
feelings 'cause the last time we had Art, he was actually
really nice. He betrayed my friendship Why are BOYS such
jerks around the age of 12-14? I really don't know, but I'll
come up with a cure. I'm almost too scared to go back to Art
on Friday. Perfect way to end a week. Me and Sean use to be
such nice friends, but now he's totally turned against me.
He's making my life a living Hell Now that I've written
this down, I feel a little better, but not by much. At
least, Michael and Alishia didn't tease me. It really hurts
my feelings when someone teases me. I got so mad at Sean I
ALMOST thought about hitting him. I waited until I got home
to cry. Before my parents came home, I tried to calm down a
little, but it wasn't really that easy. That's all I got to
say for today.

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