My problems.
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2002-12-05 01:43:39 (UTC)

Social Anxiety Disorder

There is a bad problem with me
I am scared to goto parties.
Feeling that they are all watching me
Hearing all the mockery
There is nothing there
But still I am aware
Of the way that I feel
It's all too real
These feelings that I feel.

It's hard for me to goto the register
And ask to buy a poster
For some odd reason I fear
That this stupid cashier
Can feel my fear
And try to make it more severe.
Maybe they'll say no
And that will be a crushing blow
Then make my self-esteem go low.

It's all in my head
Having me mislead
Making my beleive
That people only look at me
Ignoring everybody else
And only looking at myself
It all makes sense
I put myself in this fence
And add to the suspense

I need some therapy
It's the only thing that will help me
To get this thoughts out of my brain
And maybe take away all this pain
I need to somehow realize
That my mind fills me with lies
I have Social Anxiety Disorder
Now I'll stick this poem in a folder
And go back to crying on my shoulder.