2001-08-26 03:27:41 (UTC)

Females Don't Make Sense

What's wrong with me? What is it about me that totally
repels females? Am I hideously ugly? No, I don't think so,
just average probably. Am I too nice? Yes probably, I've
been turned down several times for being just that; "too
nice". How the hell can anyone be too nice? Isn't that
like being too rice or too good looking or too perceptive?
What is so freaking wrong about being nice? But that sure
seems to be the case with females today, they look for the
guy that will yell and scream at them, maybe slap em'
aroung a bit, and definetly not care when they cry. And
when they do cry over him, they run to a nice guy for
comfort, what's up with that? I mean really, why not just
go with the nice guy in the first place and avoid the
entire situation? But noooo, that's too logical, can't
have that. By the time the girl wises up to the fact that
she'd rather marry a nice guy, most of us will either be
married already, or will turn gay. I just don't understand
how girls think, they just don't make any freaking sense.
(Sorry to any ladies who might be reading this, I just had
to let off some steam.) See?, even when I'm pissed I'm
still nice, what's wrong with me?

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