2001-08-26 03:01:54 (UTC)

Just Another Boring Saturday.

Dang my life is boring. I sit around all day and do
nothing. I surfed the internet for a few hours, watched a
little T.V., and worked on a project for school, after only
two freaking days of being back in class!! Sheesh. And
that brings up another subject; school sucks! Not only do
I have a whole crapload of hard and uninteresting classes,
I don't even have but one or two of them with any of my
friends. Oh well, at least I get to see Nicole more often
now. Oh, maybe I'd better give some background for those of
you who don't know me, (probably everyone who will ever
read this). I'm a guy who lives in Iowa and I'm 16. I'm a
Christian who struggles, and I like all sports, computers,
and reading. I'm in a completely platonic relationship
with a girl named Nicole, and I hate it. She is basically
my best friend but I'd rather be in a relationship with her
because she has everything I want in a girlfriend. She's
probably not every guy's idea of the perfect looking women
but she is quite attractive at least to me. She's funny,
caring, trustworthy, intelligent, faithful, compassionate,
among other qualities. Everytime I see her I get that
feeling like I'm going to choke on my own heart, (because
it's jumped so far up my throat) and I've known her for
more than four years!! She on the other hand, doesn't feel
the same way and "just wants to be friends". Oh man do I
hate that phrase. I've gotten it so often in my life I
wish it would be outlawed or something. Everytime I try to
date another girl I either get turned down or give up on
them because they don't compare to Nicole. Oh well, maybe
one day I'll get over her. Maybe. Well, now that I've
written all this crap I think I'll go get some sleep,(and
it's only 10:00, sheesh.)