The Story of Me
2001-08-26 02:50:18 (UTC)

Day with mom

Spent the day with my mom, which was pretty cool. All of my
brothers were gone, so we decided to go shopping, and she
went all out!! She bought my (Kristy's) fish a new
fishbowl, I got another new bra, and new shirt, a new
printer for my computer, and she took me out for dinner. I
felt so spoiled. We haven't done anything like that in a
long time. And we talked about a bunch of things. How
people are stupid is usually a topic that comes up
regularly. And how family is stupid. She likes to bring
that one up :)

And now one of my brothers is home, but the other two are
gone until tomorrow...yay!! That makes me pretty happy. I
haven't had this much peace in quiet in this house
since...well, I don't remember. And I used to love coming
home on the weekends to visit just to hear the bustle of
people. But now the bickering and fighting is too much to
deal with. Boy oh boy I can't wait to go back to school or
move out or whatever i decide to do. I don't know.

Well, that's about it for today. I know, I'm boring. Have a
good night all :)

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