Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-12-05 00:06:57 (UTC)

It rains again... ciao...

Michelle is gone.

I wasn't expecting it at all. I spent last night cramming
for my British Lit final (well the first half) from 10 pm
to 3:30 am, woke up exhausted, but ready to pass my final
I went to class and remembered everything I needed to and
wrote some good essays. I went to lunch and I was all
pumped to do my speech. But Jason was missing, and didn't
arrive until quarter after 1. I was really happy to see
him... And then he told me Michelle was back and I was even
happier. Until he told me she was packing up and leaving.

I'd been told that Michelle would be returning around 10
today, and I wasn't suprised when she wasn't there when I
left for class around quarter after 11. Michelle has a
tendancy to run late, and to not wake up early. But I had
no idea she was planning on not returning. Jason told me if
I went quickly, I could catch her, so I left then.

When I came into the room, she was on the top bunk,
removing her pictures from the wall. I rushed over and
hugged her leg. I made her write her address and phone
number so we could keep in contact. Heather skipped her
class and came back to see her as well. When I think about
it, it leaves me melancholy. She gave me an Auron action
figure for my Christmas gift and it is really kick ass But
I'd rather have her here an extra week... The room feels
empty. There are boxes in the corner, and her bed is
stripped and no hamster. I miss Ryo-Ohki. I'd like to get a
Russian Dwarf Hamster of my own now.

It was hard to be cheerful after that, but I tried my best.
I know that I'm going to see her again. But... I won't come
back from class to see her at her computer. And we won't be
able to joke about her gay porn or leave messages on her
computer. It's just... weird.

The speech went very well; I think the people in class were
very interested. Heather dressed me up very prettily, Dr.
Walters loved it. I came back and Michelle's friends from
Japanese had come to the room to see if she was there and
say goodbye... I wonder if when I leave here, people will
miss me like that. So I saw Cindy and Kat and Dustin, and
we talked for a bit, and then came dinner and the
DONE WHOOOOOOOO I can't scream loud enough to express
my gratitude to the heavens Class lasted one hour and then
Abby drove us back Now I'm just chillin' in my room with
Heather... Still melancholy, relieved, and chibiing.

So I guess life will always go on, but the rain must come,
and it rained today, even if not physically. I'm drained
and tired. Luckily tomorrow is Thursday and I can rest. I'm
glad for that.

It's gonna rain... ciao...

I still love Mi-hime

The mouse

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