The land of unknown
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2001-08-26 02:09:35 (UTC)

Machine my Head?

well, all today, i was at Bush Gardens. as soon as we
got there, we went to one of the shows. it was this sad
excuse for a pirate thing. it was 3d, ooooo. it kinda
sucked. it was really stupid. and then we wondered
some. me and my brother found this sick ass store
called Pot o' Gold Magic Shop. it had a bunch of figurine
gargoyls, dragons, wizards, stuff like that. later we went
back to it and my dad gave us 10$ to spend. i used the
10 and some of my money to buy three gargoyls. really
cool. then we went to see this American Jukebox show.
they sang and danced to 50's, 60's and 70's stuff. there
was one dancer that was kinda cute. but then again the
park was full of girls left and right. but all of them just
eye candy. but no candy as sweet as Kitty. ^__^ that
was good. i'll have to remember that one. anywho, then
we walked around some more and made our way to
the Irish Thunder dance thing. basically u'r 10$ bugget
river dance. it was kinda scary. there were these ten
background dancers, but they all looked alike. accept
taller, shorter, and two had red hair, one was brunett,
and all the rest were blond. scary. and they all had
curled frizzy hair. all the same length too. like the
children of the damned grown up. *shudder* well, then
we went to Italy, to eat dinner and to see the show
there. it was kinda short, but ok, i guess. didn't suck.
then we wondered some more as we made our way to
Oktober Fest. supposidly one of the largest restaurants
in the U.S. it was kinda big. we saw the last few
minutes of the show there, bye this time it was 8:00
P.M. and we got there at like 11:40 or so in the morning.
eventually we got to the front and then finally left. took us
long enough. i would go back just to shop at that Pot o'
Gold shop. most of the day i had Machine Head playing
in my head. but also, most of the day, for the second
time, there was one other thing stuck in my head all
day. i could not stop thinking of Kitty. last time this
happened, it was before i first told her i liked her. that
whole day i spent thinking of something to get her. it's a
good thing i didn't buy her anything, cuz then she got
with (nameless jurk) the next week. but i did give her
something more important than a simple gift from
some nowhere store. no, i'm not going to say i gave her
my heart. give me more credit then that. i get sappy, but
not that sappy. i gave her a necklace i had bought
before we met, but i knew she would like it. it was a
pentagram. she's wiccan. Lyz wanted one but to put the
star up side down. she likes satan stuff, but she's
catholic. haha. how about that one? well, enough jibber