Would you mean this please if it happens
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2002-12-04 22:20:33 (UTC)


FUCK YESSS my amp works, i dont know how, but i turned it
on and it had the full beauty as it usually does, now im
set because i dont have to worry about spending 200 bucks
to fix it..i love it when things happen like that. School
today was boring, i hate mrs. pierces class, its soo
boring and i dont even listen, i just write songs, like
the one i wrote today, its such a good song, its a harder
one and i bet people will like to mosh to it, or at least
jump around...i hope....i have to leave for community
service and tutor little kids in about 5 minutes, which
sucks, but after that i get to go buy a cell phone which
im really stoked on...anyways, i better go get ready to

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