ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
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2001-08-26 01:12:18 (UTC)

Just a numbers game? :)

I have kissed five men in my life. (B,P,G,K,D)
I have made out (only mildly) with two.. (B,K)
I have made out (pretty wildly :) with three. (P,G,D)
With two I have been extremely intimate. (G,D)
But I have only gone 'all the way' with one. (D)

I have passed up so many opportunities.. to do things, go
further, try things, have that kind of fun... and I think
I might just be making up for it. ;)

Because... lol

I have now tried crazy wild unimaginable things.. incredibly
sexy things.. things that I never thought I'd do.. all for
my own pleasure, and the pleasure of someone on the other
side of the world. And let me be honest.. although
sometimes I am nervous.. and almost every time I worry what
he will think of me if I agree to try it.. I have to
admit.. I love it. Love the thought that it's turning him
on. While it turns me on. That is so sexy.

I would be game to try almost anything.. if it was with

Oh damn, I'm horny again.. ;)